Birger’s Odyssey




«Then he can hear it. The sound that he has merely sensed, now he can hear it loud and clear. It keeps getting closer. It seems like some sort of breathing. Birger can feel the shivers down his spine. He fumbles for his headlamp, turns it on and flashes the light towards something moving between the stalactites!»

In this book, we get to meet Birger. He likes stories. The scientific story of man, of our Earth and everything that lives, and has lived – but also the exciting stories told by our ancestors to explain how everything was mutually linked together.

In Birger’s Odyssey, Birger is the one heading for a long journey. Before he leaves together with his parents, he finds the whaling diary that his great-great-grandfather Ole wrote when he was in the Southern Ocean.

In Antarctica, Birger gets to experience research and science linked to the Earth and the ice. At the same time, he is reading about the whaling adventures of his great-great-grandfather Ole. Birger is also writing his very own book about his personal imaginary Odyssey.