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The Iceberg Family

I dag handlar det om Audbjørg Gjerde Lipperts bok «The Iceberg Family», med illustrasjonar av Tarjei Rypdal Eide. Den norske versjonen av denne boka er utseld, men den er på lager i engelsk versjon.

4.desember er det denne boka som har redusert pris: kr 200,-

Audbjørg seier om boka:

I got the idea to this children’s story “The Iceberg Family” after adventurous voyages to Antarctica and Greenland/Svalbard/Iceland with the Explorer ship “Fram”.

I was thrilled by the icebergs, and by the nature that surrounds them. For me the icebergs are  life and identity. They are creatures with thoughts and souls that live their lives in wild and beautiful, but vulnerable nature. The beauty of these areas with their mountains, snow and ice surpasses everything.

The icebergs tell their story themselves. We meet The Ice King and The Ice Queen who live together with their family in this clean, beautiful ice world. There they have their pleasures and sorrows. Now and then they hear scary news and rumours about what is going on in the world outside, among other things about whales that get their stomachs filled with plastic. One day a boat arrives in their kingdom. What will that do to the vulnerable nature there?

It has been claimed, however, that only the one who has experienced the Arctic, knows to take care of it. Nevertheless, these areas are vulnerable and can easily be polluted and damaged.

These are – as I see it – important questions that very well may be discussed with the children. I have tried not to dramatize the problem, just in careful ways asked some questions about how we relate to the wild and beautiful, but vulnerable nature. My hope is that this story will trigger further thoughts in the children’s mind.

Audbjørg Gjerde Lippert


The Iceberg Family live in The Ice Fjord far, far to the north. The fjord is clean and beautiful like the clearest glass. Here the iceberg children Ice Laug, Ice Finn and Ice Bjorg play all day long. Sometimes seals and whales come to see them, and now and then a hungry polar bear may show up. One day, however, something very special happens. A boat full of people in blue jackets comes into their fjord and begins to circle around them. The icebergs, both the small and the big ones, get frightened. What will happen to their family now? Can they live there safely as they have done up to now? Or will warm currents in the sea make them melt? Will plastic and garbage fill the stomachs of the whales and lead to their death? They have heard some rumours…

In this book Lippert has chosen to use some traits from the fairy tale, but without sticking completely to that genre. The mixture of genres is chosen to give the book a modern expression. At the same time the association with well-known fairy tale traits can be a motivator to make the children think their own thoughts. That is the author’s intention.

Illustrasjonane til denne boka blei til gjennom eksperimentering med papir, lys, spegelflater og ulike materialer. Tarjei fortalde ein gong at sjølve isfjella blei til ved at han krølla saman papir som skulle kastast fordi han ikkje syns det fungerte. Plutseleg fekk han idéen om å bruke desse papirkrøllane saman med ulike lyskjelder, glas og speglar. Resultatet blei magisk! Under ser du nokre av dei stemningsfulle illustrasjonane.